10 string Tenor Ukulele 

2022. SOLD


I wanted to try something new with these tuners I had laying around and this is what I came up with. It’s like an 8 string ukulele with a high and low G, but added one set of doubled high and low D.  I tried to keep the nut width reasonable as most ukulele players don’t want a wide neck. It worked! I love the extra depth in the sound, especially out of such a small instrument. 

ShellBack Tenor Ukulele ten string

Tuning Dd Gg CC EE AA

Worth clear fluorocarbon

Scale length 17"

Nut width 43mm

Western red Cedar top

Pincone inlay headstock

Maple veneer back

Maple and Wenge neck

Black limba accents.

Black Limba fingerboard

Black Limba neck joint

Gold Evo frets

Radius fingerboard (16)

Copper side fret markers.

Branch  fret marker inlays

Graphite truss rod in neck

Piezo pickup

Strap buttons

Open tuners

Bone nut

Maple saddle

Profile ukulele bag

Tim Bought the 10 string off me in early 2023. He is an amazing musician and artist. It’s been really nice getting to know Tim.