Baritone Ukulele     

2020. SOLD


This is my own personal baritone ukulele, that I love playing. I’ve been using it when I play at art gallery openings. Plugged into some effects pedals I create background ambient music for art. Acvoustically it sounds great too.

I tend to experiment with my own instruments. This is not even the original neck.

ShellBack BaritoneUkulele


Tuning DGBE

Scale length 20"

Nut width 38mm

Spruce top. Coated with chalk paint.

Walnutback. Chalk painted Shell back


Roasted Maple accents.

Walnut branch crosscusts fret markers

Maple fingerboard

Gold Evo frets

Ebony and copper tailpiece.

Radius fingerboard (12)

Roasted maple and buffalo bone bridge

Graphite reinforcementrod in neck

Roasted Maple neck joint and side panel

Roasted Maple, hand hammered copper tailpiece.

Mi-Si Align active pickup system. Volume, treble and Bass controls.

Strap buttons

Worth brown strings

Buffalo bone nut.

Kala case