The Root     

2024 Sold

 You can use a bow on the Root which gives so much more possibilities. 

Fretless 5 string instrument

20” scale length

Tuning GDAEE alt tuning FCAEE

7” scale length on tailpiece side

Tailpiece strings can be tuned to DAEBB for example.

These act as sympathetic strings and are adjustable.

Fret position markers. aluminum

Two separate pickups. (two jacks)

Mi-Si active trio under saddle for direct sound.

Piezo on tailpiece for sympathetic strings.

Spruce Sitka top

Smoked Eucalyptus back

Mahogany and roasted Maple neck with carbon fiber reinforcement.

Ebony fingerboard

Roasted Maple, tailpiece and neck joint.

Bone nut.

Aluminum saddle and tailpiece tuners.

Gotoh 510 18:1 tuners

D'addario Chromes flatwound strings

Acoustic recording (No effects , not plugged in)