The Root     

2022. Sold

This Root was created for  the composer Nicolas Stackhouse.

This one was created to Nicolas’s liking, but he also wanted to keep the things that make the Root special. It’s the perfect instrument for creating other worldly sounds. He has already been using it to sound productions.

 You can use a bow on the Root which gives so much more possibilities. I wish I could have created a better video for this one. I had just cut my finger and my playing isn’t much to begin with. Check out some of the other Root videos in my video section.

The Root (my own creation)

Fretless 4 string instrument

Plucked or bowed instrument

String setup like a mountain dulcimer.

E B ee tuning on this one.

23" scale length (max scale length)

8" scale length on sympathetic strings (adjustable)

Fret position markers. (copper)

Two separate pickups. (two jacks)

Mi-Si active trio under saddle for direct sound.

Piezo on tailpiece for sympathetic strings.

Spruce top

Walnut back

Mahogany neck with Wenge and carbon fiber reinforcement.

Ebony fingerboard

Walnut bridge, tailpiece and neck joint.

Buffalo bone nut, saddle and tailpiece tuners.

Gotoh 510 18:1 tuners

Handmade case

D'addario Chromes flatwound strings

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