Mandolin & harp guitar     

2020. Sold -  2023 sold

Greg, a neuron scientist asked me to create a mandolin with neurons on it. So I burned /drew them around the neck area. I’ve done a lot of pyrography stuff on my instruments. 

In 2023 he then asked me to create a Harp guitar in my own design. This was the first time I made one. I also included his special request of neuron drawing/pyrography inspired by the works of Santiago Ramon Y Cajel. 

The Neuron Mandolin  2020

Neuron pyrograpghy

13.75" scale length

30mm nut width

Spruce top

Maccassar Ebony fingerboard

Branch crosscut mapleinlay and pine cone.(Fret markers)

Maple neck

Carbon fiber neck reinforcement.

Cherry shell back.

Spalted Maple neck joint and side panel.

Ebony bridge.

Buffalo bone nut.

Spalted Maple and copper tailpiece.

Vintage style tuners. 

Strap jacks.

Gold Evo frets

Copper side fret markers

Radius fingerboard (12)

Dual piezo pickup (K&K sound mandolin twin)

Handmade case

Guitar Tuning -DADGAD

Strings D’Addario nylon strings Normal tension

Harp strings D-E, F#-G, A, B, C, D

.064, .062, 060, .058, .056 .054   More can be ordered at

Treble highs all are .010 loop end steel.  E, F#, G, A


Spruce bear claw sitka top

Walnut Shell back.

Ebony fingerboard

Mahogany guitar neck neck

Walnut neck and neck joint.

Katalox bridges and tailpiece.

Crosscut of branches for fret markers. 3,7,12 fret

Redwood side panel.

Pine cone inlay in headstock


Gotoh 510 chrome tuners 18:1 ratio for fine tuning.

Two way adjustable truss rod.

Gold Evo frets

Brass side fret markers

Two black strap jacks

Tusq nut.



The video below Greg sent me playing his new mandolin.