The Tonebox as I have called it over the years is basically a hammered dulcimer with guitar tuners and pickups in it.

Plugged into effects and mixer, via the three pickups.

Acoustic sound sample

Plugged in 12 string tonebox video.

  Two humbucking pickups that create a stereo sound with their own jacks as well as a piezo pickup for more of the bass end. I EQed each differently to create a very wide range of sounds. This also allows me to add more effects on certain sounds. For example, to add reverb and shimmer just to the high strings and create a stereo sound, I am able to hook up the right and left humbucker pickups separately. Creating a heavenly sound. So much can be done with this combo. 

As someone who use to create electronic music and still love playing with effects pedals, I can tell you this is so much fun to be able to play something that is simple and organic when your in the mood to travel to outer space . . 

Here we gooooo!!!

Basic offerings with my Tonebox’s.

Four to twelve strings.

Guitar tuners. I offer options on this.

Single coil, humbucker or piezo pickups with jacks.

Western red Cedar top.

Poplar sides.

Adjustable bridges with fret wire for perfect contact and alternate tunings.

Two wooden hammers included.

Contact me to get more info.