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In Merrickville, Ontario, CA

Electric Orange sunshine. Baritone ukulele

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For sale $3000

Concert ukulele -Kandinskele

Please contact me if you are interested.


SOLD! Flat Back electrocoustic Tenor ukulele

That went quick. I just finished it.

I will be making more flat back ukuleles. Have a look below to see the progress. 

If you see something you like let me know and I will make it in the scale length you wish. First come first serve.

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Also, just to let you know the Flat Backs are a lot less expensive than the Shell backs.


Shell back guitar

More pictures here

Check in from time to time to see what’s for sale or what I am working on. If your interested in something you see here, write to me. I can share more info.

Upcoming/ in the works. Soon to be for sale 

5 string Root. SOLD

This one is now already sold, but I will be starting on another soon.

Flat Back electrocoustic ukuleles

This version takes me a lot less work than doing the shell back and so it’s a good option for someone who wants one of my instrument, but wants a more entry level.

I got a few on the go and as well as four more planned. So keep an eye on this and see the process. Please write to me if you are interested in one, or if you just want to vote on what scale length you would like to see a certain one done with.

Contact me here

Flat Back ukulele #1 Tenor

Spalted Maple top

Curly Maple back

Wenge fingerboard

Curly Maple neck

Flat Back ukulele #2 Concert

Curly Redwood top

Zebra back

Nogel fingerboard

Zebra neck


Flat Back ukulele #3 Baritone

Western red Cedar top

Teak back

Nogel fingerboard

Teak neck

Mid century Modern inspired

Flat Back ukulele #4 Baritone/ tenor

Western red Cedar top

Black Limba back

Black limba fingerboard

Maple neck

Flat Back ukulele #5 Wenge back

Flat back ukulele #6 Spalted maple front

Flat back ukulele #7 Teak back

Flat back #8 Pau Ferro back

Baritone/tenor ukulele

Baritone body size and tenor scale length. 

The shell is silver Maple.

Black and silver look.

Wenge Fingerboard

Alien  Concert ukulele

Collaboration project with John Rich.