Ray Vincent

Luthier, Musician and artist.

While working on an album I had an idea for an instrument I wanted to incorporate into my music. It was fretless instrument you could strum or use a bow on it. After about the third version I realized how much I love building instruments and could'nt stop. I found something that incorperated everything I loved and I could not wait to create the next one.

Inspired by nature

Su Halle

Painter, Dancer, Creator, Muse.

Su has been a huge part of my journey with building instruments. Her many years as a art director really helps to work out ideas.


Inspired by the golden ratio and the sound qualities of a nautilus shell, I began my journey of creating unique, handcrafted, shell-back musical instruments.

About the ShellBack.

I use the Fibonacci spiral as a template for making my instruments. As you can see in this picture I simply stop at the point of which I want the instruments size to be. This is one of the original templates I made.. I pretty much have figured out theHelmholtz resonance(Air chamber frequency) of my instruments.

I developed my shellback based on a similar method used to make boats by overlapping each veneer. This adds great strength without adding much weight. The end result resembles a Nautilus shell. The Nautilus is known for its sound and is actually used in some cultures as an instrument. With this inspiration, my instruments have become known for their beauty and sound.