Ray Vincent Musical Instruments

Electric orange sunshine baritone ukulele 

2023 For sale 

@ Monsky Creations Gallery

Inspired by the creative world of paintings and their colours. I wanted to make each part on it special and unique. Always wanting to take the sound to its highest level.

Large body baritone ukulele.

Tuning DGBE.

Scale length 19.8”.

Nylon strings (D,G nylon with silver wound).

38 mm nut width  (1.49”)

Pine cone inlay in headstock. (Crosscut)

Western Red Cedar top.

Curly Maple shell back.

Roasted Maple neck.

Roasted Maple fingerboard. With 16” radius.

Crosscut of Maple branches for fret makers (3,7,12)

Roasted Maple neck joint.

Blue and orange accents are dyed Maple all the way through so they will not fade.

Orange and blue Maple pick guard.

Orange and blue Maple tailpiece with aluminum truss.

Orange Maple purfling/binding.

Orange and Blue Maple electronics panel with vintage volume knob.

Maple and Cedar bridge.

Western red Cedar side panel.

Mi-Si active trio ukulele pickup with volume control.

Gotoh 510 chrome tuners with handcrafted knobs (Maple and Cocobolo)

Also included are the original Gotoh tuner knobs.

Unbleached bone nut and saddle.

Aluminum side fret markers (3,5,7,9,12,15)

Chrome strap buttons.

Carbon Fiber neck reinforcement.

3D printed soundport

Cryowire Fretwire 

31” x 12” x 3.5  LxWxD