Octave Mandolin    2021


Mistress Melody was interested in one of my instruments way back when I was on Etsy. She plays at folk festivals all around the west coast of the US. She dresses the part and is a great musician. She asked me for some Oregon Celtic imagery. So I did the pyrography on it.

Shell back Octave Mandolin


String gauges .042, 030 .017 .011

Scale length 24.5"

nut width 29mm

Western red Cedar top

Walnut veneer shell back.

Walnut and Pau Ferro neck joint.

Katalox fingerboard

Pine Cone and crosscut branch inlays

Pau Ferro side panel

Curly Maple neck

Pau Ferro and maple headstock

Spruce center piece (Shell)

Pau Ferro bridge

Buffalo bone nut

Copper side fret markers

12 radius fingerboard

Gold Evo frets

Double action truss rod

Dual piezo pickup. K& K sound, twin

Open tuners 15:1

Strap jacks

Hand hammered copper tail plate

Custome artwork on body (Pyrography)

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