Octave Mandolin

Octave Mandolin 2020

4 string version by request

Tuned GDAE

String gauges .047, 032 .022 .012

Scale length 21"

nut width 37mm

Western red Cedar

Maple and Cherry veneer shell back.

Pau Ferro tailp[iece with provided Ammonite inlayed.

Walnut purpling side

Spalted Maple and Pau Ferro neck joint.

Maccassar ebony fingerboard

Pine Cone and crosscut branch inlays

Spalted Maple side panel

Mahogany neck

Pau Ferro and maple headstock

Yew center piece (Shell)

Ebony bridge

Buffalo bone nut

Copper side fret markers

12 radius fingerboard

Gold Evo frets

Double action truss rod

Dual piezo pickup. K& K sound, twin

Gotoh 510 mini black tuners 18:1 ratio

Strap jacks

Hand hammered copper tail plate

Handmade case


(Connie, Octave Mandolin 2020)

"Ray, The mandolin arrived today and I can’t tell you how much I love it. It is a beautiful work of art, and I will give it a good home.

“I opened it with my friend who is a wonderful 

musician, and we got to take turns playing it and listening to it being played. It has amazing volume all by itself. But we also were able to plug it in and try out the electronics, and both of us are so impressed with the sound quality! The tuning stays great all the way up the neck, the harmonics are beautiful at the seventh and 12th frets, and it is also just plain easy to play! The neck length is perfect. And I’m so glad we just went with the four strings instead of eight. Makes it so easy on my fingers and I can see myself getting into some fingerpicking in the near future. I’ve already told everybody about it, now I can’t wait to play it for them all and let them play it too!”

Thank you again for all your time, talents, and attention to detail."