Octave Mandolin

Irish Bouzouki

Greek Bouzouki

 I offer different scale lengths and tunings to your liking.

Take a look through these images of recent builds I have done. These are from the last couple of years. This gives a better idea of where I am at with design ideas right now. Each one is unique handcrafted with it's own story.

If your interested in me building something for you, this is a great place to start.

For more info on each instrument,  click on the image. There's full detail of the instrument and some have videos for sound samples.

Out of gallery

Out of gallery

Quote from Lynn Wolfe

“Low end is very good, even with the light strings.   I had a new set here and went ahead and installed those.   Think you have really figured out the low end. Maybe due to the cut at the top of the chamber and the hole in the end may play into that as well.  

The E string CUTS.  Can't believe how well that stands out.  That's something that has always been lacking in other mandolins.  Think it could be because of my failing hearing but yours really cuts. 

Great midrange as well.  Very balanced across the board.   Was having concerns about the A string but when it arrived teh bridge was a little skewed.  When I corrected that the A string sounds great now. 

Tail piece.   the overlay is beautiful.  I wouldn't want the instrument without it.  

Love the offset tuners 

Great balance on the instrument when strapped.   Doesn't have the headstock heavy attitude of traditional mandolins.   This is good.  

Markers 3, 7, 12.  Perfect.  Doesn't clutter the fretboard and the copper inlays on the side are great too.  That pine cone you are doing looks great too. 

Light weight.  I"m amazed how light you've gotten it. 

Used an endoscope to view the interior.  I see that top bracing.    Looks like the plates of the shell are self supporting.  Seems rock solid overall. 

the neck feels great in my hand.   You've nailed the profile of the neck.    Very smooth also running up and down the neck.   almost like a speed neck.  

Sounds very clear on double stops.  

Probably the easiest mandolin I've played yet for tremolo.  Just seems easier.  

Fretboard plays very easy.  I"m able to do things on this fretboard I can't accomplish on other fretboards.   Can play much faster and cleaner.  Not sure how you accomplished that.  

Very good percussion on the strings.  Especially 7,8,9 frets.  

Chop:  This is one drawback to this instrument.   Doesn't really have a good chop.  I'm ok with that though as this is intended for solo work and I don't ever see using this for rhythm with others.  

Action is just about perfect.   Very good for hammers and pull offs.  

Bridge:  is this hand carved?  Seems to be.  Works very well. “

Lynn Wolfe