For Sale and upcoming build ideas.

Check in from time to time to see what’s happening.

$2500 CAD

10 string tenor ukulele shell back

Nylon string


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Baritone Shell back ukulele.

 Acoustic with Steel strings.

 Koa top

 Wenge and mahogany neck.

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Upcoming/ in the works

Double neck shell back ukulele.

This one Su and I will be doing together.

One neck will be a Tenor and the other will be the bass strings, but more like a harp tuning with a fretless neck.

The Root 21” scale length. 6 strings (3 course)

New acoustical modulation idea on this one, plus a collaboration with composer and sound designer  Nicholas Stackhouse.

Octave mandolin

21” scale length

Surf baritone ukulele

With aluminum tuners and accents.

Almost done!

Alien Tenor ukulele.

This will be a collaboration with John Rich.