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Acoustic/electric with single coil pickup.

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Baritone Shell back ukulele.

 Acoustic with Steel strings.

 Koa top

 Wenge and mahogany neck.

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Upcoming/ in the works

Double neck shell back ukulele.

This one Su and I will be doing together.

One neck will be a Tenor and the other will be the bass strings, but more like a harp tuning with a fretless neck.

The Root 21” scale length. 6 strings (3 course)

New acoustical modulation idea on this one, plus a collaboration with composer and sound designer  Nicholas Stackhouse.

Octave mandolin

21” scale length

Ten string Tenor ukulele

Surf baritone ukulele

With aluminum tuners and accents.

Alien Tenor ukulele.

This will be a collaboration with John Rich.