Ray Vincent Musical Instruments

For Sale and in progress. Soon to be for sale instruments.

Check in from time to time to see what’s for sale or what I am working on. If your interested in something you see here, write to me. I can share more info.


Shell beck acoustic/electric guitar.

 More details here.

For Sale @Monsky Creations Gallery

In Merrickville, Ontario, CA

Electric Orange sunshine. Baritone ukulele

More details here.

Upcoming/ in the works. Soon to be for sale 

Concert Ukulele #1  SOLD!

Cedar top 

Koa Shell back

Mahogany neck, Katalox fingerboard

Pau Ferro accents.

Concert Ukulele #2

Spuce top, 

Shell back Eucalyptus (smoked and regular)

Birds eye Maple neck, Ebony fingerboard

Spruce top

Baritone/tenor ukulele

Baritone body size and tenor scale length. 

The shell is silver Maple.

Black and silver look.

Curly Maple neck

Wenge Fingerboard

Spruce top

Alien  tenor ukulele

Collaboration project with John Rich.

Octave Mandolin

21.5” scale length