The handmade Case I offer

I want to first say. I'm not a case maker. My passion is making the instruments.

That being said I realize how much customers want a case for there instrument and trying to find something to fit it is really hard. The fact I have so many variation and allow customers to choose their scale length for example, makes it impossible for me to track down cases for each one, or even stock them. I just simply don't have the time for this. (okay I don't want to :)

The first question I always get asked is: 

Does it come with a case?

It's taking years to find a method that:

-Uses materials that are easy to get.

-Is fairly quick and easy to make.

-Uses some recycled materials

-Gives more protections then a bag and is made to the shape of the instrument.

What it's made of.

Sides and back are 2 layers of heavy duty recycled cardboard adding up to 1/2 " thick

The top is 1/4" plywood

It works great and will get you started. You can always down the road get a professional case made for your instrument. Of course that will cost a lot more.

Here are some examples of ones I have made in the last while. Sometimes I throw some artistic bits on them to reflect the customers interest.

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